Suleiman the Magnificent, who has the ability to process jewelry, examples of Italian jewelry art were applied himself.

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman

To special attention of all World Retail and Wholesale Jewellery Companies !


JewelTurk is a trade mark of M&L Software Co Ltd Istanbul/Turkey

We established brand new “ Turkish Jewellery Export Portal “ called as #JewelTurk

This website JewelTurk is including the Fantastic Jewellery products of Turkish Jewellery Manufacturers,presenting all high quality products “ From Turkiye to all World ”.

JewelTurk Reflects the power and Jewellery product standard of Turkish Jewellery Manufacturers.

It represents Turkish Jewellery Craft. Besides that, at on the backstage JewelTurk has also a powerful B2B Software System called as MLJewelNet Order Management System. MLjN OMS that manages all of the special orders from “JewelTurk registered wholesale and retail Jewellery companies” from over the World to Turkish manufacturers, Easily, Accurately and Speedily. JewelTurk as an also “ Jewellery Business Management System ” has been established and organized by M&L Software Co Ltd-Istanbul/Turkey in beginning of April 2019.. As an M&L Software We have been developing “Jewellery Business Management Software Solutions “ Since 1993. Over 6000 user Jewellery Companies in 36 Countries all over the world, These 6000+ companies use, M&L Jewellery ERP and Business Management Software Solutions..

26 years of experience led us to build up enormous knowledge about Jewellery Business Management and we have gained trust from you, World Jewelleries.As a JewelTurk, for Foreigner Jewelerries Especially For WholeSale and Retail jewelleries We present new fantastic wedding bands and further more new categories of jewelleries.We are presenting them From Turkiye to the World Jewelleries..If you are interesting with M&L Software Co, Jewellery Software Solutions, If you want to take Consultancy service from M&L Software, about Jewellery Business Management If you are interesting with buying and ordering product from JewelTurk especially for wedding bands and other high quality original Turkish Jewellery Products

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